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The Quinta and us

Quinta do Mirante is over a hundred years old.

Formerly a wine farm, our house is located on the hillside of the green valley where the rivers Douro, Paiva and Tamega meet. 

The name "Mirante" was inspired by the view seen from a uniquely large rock studded with cedar trees. Roughly 50 kilometres from Porto, the airport and the long beaches, we are comfortable nestled close to the city but far enough inland to be part of Portugal's famous wine country.


Ours is a place where you feel at home and can do whatever you like!


Gaze out onto the valley while you enjoy a dip in our summit pool.

Lose yourself among our fruit tree plateaus, stroll the olive fields or walk the forest paths until you find your place to settle down and enjoy the view.

Seek out the hidden niches scattered around the terrain.


Or simply pick a spot on the terrace under the palms and let yourself be pampered with a glass of chilled wine and a local snack.

Feel free to enjoy a nice BBQ with your family, have a spontaneous party with your friends, or do some yoga and medition in our forest.


About us

After many years spent promoting food, drinks and culture in The Netherlands and France, we moved to Portugal to dedicate our lives to what we like the most: bringing different cultures together by welcoming open-minded people from all horizons. Our sons and their partners are following us in this exciting adventure.

We are working hard and passionately to turn our beautiful Quinta into a paradise.

You want to hear our story? Listen to this podcast (sorry, only in French).

-with special thanks to Marine Dori and Stéphane Costantini-






In the Clouds: Quinta do Mirante - by Carla Barbosa

 “The location is cinematic and reminds me a lot of scenes from the movie" A walk in the clouds ", a film set on a vineyard. Every time I think that Portugal can no longer surprise me, it touches me again. Like a crush falling in love every time. Michel and Jacqueline say that this place has an effect on every visitor. As if something awakens in people. "

- Translated from Dutch -

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(Dutch language)

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