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Activities for our guests!

We’ve put together a few activities you can enjoy here or outside the Quinta.

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Vinho Verde Tasting

at the Quinta

A tasting of 4 different Vinho Verde wines and a plate with local delicatessen (ham, chorizo,  sausage, cheeses, fig jam, olives, grapes, toast and bread) and a vegetarian option.

  • Every Saturday in September at Quinta do Mirante

  • From 17h to 19h

  • On reservation 12€ pp

Wine Tour

at Casa de Algar

The family has been producing wine for over a 100 years. They pioneered white wine in a region where red Vinho Verde was considered tradition. Nowadays, under the brand Pata da Burra, they mainly produce white Vinho Verde wines. If you wish, they will open their doors for you and offer you a tour around in the vineyard, inform you about their winemaking process and of course, let you taste a selection of their wines. Casa de Algar is a 10 minute ride from our Quinta.

  • Casa de Algar - 10' drive

  • 12€ pp

Farm to table

at Verde Agua Natureza

Joana and Aníbal take you on a tour on their farm, where they grow biological fruits and vegetables, like strawberries and asparagus. You get to meet a lot of animals like chickens, sheep, goats, a horse and 4 dogs. After the tour, they serve you flavoured foods made from fresh, seasonal and organic products and wine from their cellar. 

  • Verde Agua natureza - Souselo (10' drive)

  • On demand - Prices may vary

Discover walks in the forest at Quinta

do Pinheiral


Through a biodiverse forest, Tiago makes you discover indigenous trees and plants from the region and the country.

  • Quinta do Pinheiral (Castelo de Paiva)

  • 12 August - 15:30/17:30

  • 5€ pp (min. 8 people)

Chi Kung / Tai Chi session

at Quinta do Pinheiral

During 1,5 hour session, you will gently moving parts of your body, and will be able to feel and boost your inner energy. In this activity you will be able to balance your Chi, the inner energy of your organs and body.

  • Quinta do Pinheiral (Castelo de Paiva)

  • 12 August

  • 5€ pp (min 8 people)

  • 40€ Private session with your group (dates on demand)

Relaxation massage

at Quinta do Mirante

Let all your city stress out, and treat yourself on a relaxation massage.

  • 15€ pp (30 minutes)

  • 30€ pp (1 hour)

Tour on the Paiva by Kayak or Stand up Paddle

Guide Joaquim makes you discover the beauty of the Douro and Paiva rivers on a sportive and adventurous way. 

For all ages.

  • 2,5 hours

  • 35€ pp

Public Market in the centre of Castelo de Paiva

A local market with mainly textile and shoes.

  • 6 & 21 August

  • 6 & 21 September

Flea Market in the Parque das Tílias

Small market where you can still find curiosities for small prices. Have a coffee afterwards in the bar.

  • 9 August & 13 September

Agricultural market in the centre of Castelo de Paiva


Farmers and artisans sell their traditional local products.

  • 30 August & 27 September

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