MAKE Festival 2019 – Art & construction

MAKE Festival 2019 – Art & construction

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MAKE Festival 2019

This summer Quinta do Mirante will host MAKE Festival: a 10-day long celebration that brings together between 50 and 200 people from all over the world with the aim of creating a place for debate and practice of arts, architecture, construction and design.

MAKE Festival brings together the different agents and spheres of art design and construction (students, collectives, professionals, the local population…) to question and research the contemporary role of the rural world, far from the traditional paternalistic view, and the role of art and architecture as positive agents of transformation, through workshops, exhibitions and talks.


MAKE Festival is structured in a day-time program in which workshops of design, arts or construction fields are developed, and a night-time program (coming soon!) , in which scenic arts such music, theater, cinema or performances creates a non-stop common celebration.

 Every workshop / project is open to participation at all times, from design to execution, and participants change their positions constantly. Suddenly, projects and people are merged. Materials are adapted to availability, typologies are thought about and questioned, and thus the original project has been revised in ways that weren’t envisioned before. Such constructions are spontaneous, born from many different minds and hands.

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Aug 23 2019 - Sep 01 2019


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