Quinta do Mirante, a place for the relaxed and the restless alike, sits on the slopes of a valley overlooking the Douro river. Starting this summer, you will be welcome to stay overnight in our Silo Suite, attend our events and workshops, and discover the rich culture this region of Portugal has to offer.


As the summer heat rises, so will our space grow to accommodate more and more people, adding on new seasonal activities and places for people to relax. Our work is never done making our home feel like a place you’ll never want to leave.

Come for the thrill of the chase after one of our planet’s secret getaways. Hike along the Paiva river and engage in water sports, take a day to visit Porto, or follow a tour of our traditional artisans around Castelo de Paiva. Taste our regional delicacies, which range from fresh local produce, meats and river fish, to the wines the Douro is famous for.

Stay tuned for updates and follow our story on @quintadomirante.douro or visit our Facebook page facebook.com/quintadomirante.douro.




For those nomads with itchy hands, our doors are always open to those who like to build.

Contact us michel@quintadomirante.com and participate in the evolution of Quinta do Mirante!